Stocks to buy now – 06.30.2020


Our search for best stocks to buy now is continuing. Yesterday’s stocks to buy candidates we marked CBLI Cleveland Biolabs Inc as the top winner with 147.67% which was ridiculously high jump and added the 84.61 RSI to our reports. So I hope that helped you to avoid yesterdays sell off.

Similarly all time high / low RSI category might help you to find opportunities TRNE.U, TRNE and MKC.V, they raised 4.95%, 3.17% and 3.79 respectively. Now lets look at the yesterdays performances and find stocks to buy now, or of course the ones we need to avoid.

Top Winners and Loosers

Top Gainer on Monday was BHTG with 66.06% price jump. Biohitech Global INC is another bio tech company as you understand from the name. It seems like these companies will move like crazy for a while but please be cautious they are very vulnerable with news. Big jumps might bring take profit sell offs. PDSB another biotech company jumped 60.49%, PHCF got 49.63% price boost. All these 3 companies has 80+ RSI just to mention.

MKD Molecular Data INC got 46.64% increase with 69.27 RSI(14) might expect a little bit more gain here. WKHS Workhorse Group is the last company in our list with 46.57% price increase, addition to that the RSI is 94.78.

CBLI was the top gainer on Friday on Monday they are first in top looser list. −42.49% drop happened too much volatility scares me, RSI is still 55.22 tough. ICPT is another looser −39.73% drop on the price. BBCP dropped 33.21%, HRTX followed it by 28.08% decrease. Last company is TA Travelcenters of America INC lost 21.76%.

Overbought Expensive Shares

Overbought expensive shares has WKHS on top of the list. As we mentioned on previous section 94.78 RSI is quite high. LCAHU is another company with 94.65 RSI. They had also 45.83% price jump yesterday put them to the 6th place on most gainers. LCA Landcadia Holdings II has 94.57 RSI following by yesterdays top gainer SHLL 92.32 and SHLL.U 90.74 RSI. All three of them increased the price with 42.72%, 29.59%, 34.13% respectively.

Oversold Cheap Stocks

Next step is oversold cheap stocks. Here we still have AWH with even lower RSI: 7.46 RSI and %21 price drop happened only yesterday. We already warned yesterday that it might be dead cats jump. Other 3 oversold companies also was in our last list. ARB has now 17.17 RSI little, SRV 18.83 and SZC 19.05. KLR is new to the list, 22.62 RSI, price was on positive yesterday by 3.09%.

All time high / high RSI

WKHS is today entered all time high chart. LCA is following it. We already mentioned them in previous sections with their gains. SHLL and SHLL.U still in our list as they increased their prices one more day. Another company from yesterdays list CLGX had a small increase of 0.63% and stayed in the all time high list with 86.59 RSI. Still worth to mention SPOT dropped from 5th place but increased its price by 0.07% yesterday.

All time high / low RSI

Next stop all time high but low RSI companies. They are on the positive side and there might be more coming in following days. LOAK.U dropped 0.2% yesterday but still having 58.24 RSI can be an opportunity in the future. DADA Nexus LTD dropped 15.32% and has 59.21RSI this can also be a down trend start. GXTG yesterday performance was -0.24%, with RSI 59.75. FLCB Franklin Templeton EFT has better performance on the long run and has 60.46 RSI, LFAC is also moving up and down nearly all time high with 61.11 RSI, gained 0.85% yesterday.

All time low / high RSI

Companies with all time low prices with high RSI is below. We can consider these companies as current losers and technically there might be more possible drops. CEFD was in our list yesterday, dropped 0.61% yesterday and has 38.19 RSI. VREX increased the price by 5.01% and has 38.09 RSI still close to all time low. HSTO still in the second place with 3.33% drop in the price, has 37.22 RSI.

HOTH another company with a -59.13% yearly performance dropped 1.17% yesterday, RSI also dropped to 33.33. ITRM is the last company on this list, didn’t performed well yesterday and dropped 7.19%. Having 32.99 RSI gives some more space before enter oversold area.

All time low / low RSI

So all time low price, combining with low RSI, can be signal for bankruptcy or a very cheep price for promising companies. ANPC dropped 15.31% yesterday and entered to the list with 24.62 RSI. GLBS was in fifth place yesterday, now jumped to second with the 1.1% drop yesterday. Still 27.04 RSI shows down movement might not be finished yet. YTRA Yatra Online INC. is in the list with yesterdays 3.48 drop and 28.59 RSI. Forth place is JFU lost 9.09% yesterday having 31.91 RSI, not oversold I would say. Lastly CAN has 32.57 RSI, we can see a recover here if political stress resolves.


So the stocks to buy now, or stocks to avoid are listed above. Thanks for reading again. You can also find the spreed sheet for all mentioned stocks: