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Best stocks to buy now (06.29.2020)


To find the best stocks to buy now we need to check the outliers of the market. Best and worst performers, stocks that has good traction or the highest/lowest life time prices will guide us to stocks to buy and also the ones we need to avoid.

stocks to buy now

Top Winners and Loosers

Top Gainers on Friday was CBLI with 147.67%, MDCA with 78.26%, BBCP with 50.14%, SHLL with 41.21% and SHLL.U with 39.45%. Especially for CBLI movement was incredible. Keep in mind that both CBLI and SHLL RSI(14) is in overbought territory.

SOLY was the top looser with 36.20% drop. TELA another big drop 24.74%. MCF is following them with 23.90% drop. WINS couldn’t win this time: −22.41% and CTIB in the fifth place in looser list with 22.12% loss. Careful with CTIB and WINS; their yearly performance were really good but lost traction. Their RSI is also still quite high 55 and 58 respectively.

Overbought Expensive Shares

When we look at the overbought expensive shares we see FREE top of the lis 92.28 RSI is biggest issue here. VXRT is the next with 91.38 RSI. Both of these companies saw huge gains last year with over 2000% price jump. WKHS and AGMH is another two company with 90.85 and 90.23 respectively their gain drop is slower comparing to FREE and VXRT. Actually WKHS is still moving up on Friday by 15.6%. Last overbought company today is FSLY with 90.20 RSI we can still see some upside movement here.

Oversold Cheap Stocks

Lets look at oversold cheap stocks: AWH with 7.82 RSI and %5 gain with last close deserves some attantion. Still be careful this might also be a dead cat’s jump. ARB with 17.31 RSI lost little bit on Friday: -0.16%. SRV 18.24 and SZC 19.27 close to each other in terms of both RSI and Friday performance. They lost 3.60 and 3.91 respectively. Last company in our oversold list is GRU. GRU dropped 7.09% on Friday and 7.62 overall last week. Need to remind that these are not meant to be stocks to buy now, might be future candidates if they recover somehow.

All time high / high RSI

These companies below are at their all time high price currently. This can be a trend but also a turning point. FSLY had 5.93% gain with 90.20 RSI. SHLL was also top gainer got 41.21% price jump and still has 88.59 RSI, movement might go on with this momentum. CLGX another company with good price jump of 28.38. Their yearly graphic shows some ups and downs but overall now they are on the winning side. SHLL.U had 39.45% gain and accumulated RSI of 86.23 SPOT, one of the popular tech companies, lost 0.94% but I think still a promising company. Still need to consider high RSI: 82.71.

All time high / low RSI

Going on with all time high companies but this time we list lowest RSI. In the long run they can be in a good position, if you choose these stocks to buy now. Risk is yours. DRSK, dropped 0.86% still has RSI 48.93 overall yearly performance is not promising but traction started with after corona gains. AMCIU also lost −4.26% with 50.00 RSI. They are similarly didn’t earn well on last year. We see only 1.35% increase in price. TRNE.U another negative number −1.78% gain with 52.66 RS similarly TRNE dropped −0.53% with 56.25 RSI. Last symbol in this list is MKC.V another loss with −1.93 has 56.42 RSI.

All time low / high RSI

Next step companies with all time low prices with high RSI. We can consider these companies as current losers and technically there is more gap to lose. ACOR had 0.70% price increase but still they are at the bottom. They lost −63.24% this year and RSI(14) is 40.5. HSTO is a very new company so they are still in our radar. They lost 4.64% on Friday with 40.46 RSI. CEFD another new symbol with 39.61 RSI, requires some attention. TYO lost 1.08% with 39.03 RSI in total this year we see 29.18% drop on the price.
FMIL is another loser with −1.70% has 37.29 RSI.

All time low / low RSI

This list with all time low price companies low RSI might bring some light to the promising and cheap stocks. Still consider that they are on their lowest price, at least for now. GRU lost big on Friday with −7.09% RSI is 19.80 yearly performance is also quite bad. KLR dropped −2.76% daily and −54.35% this year. They have 19.83 RSI, which is low but not sure if this is the lowest. GAZ dropped −0.39% last day and −44.22% this year RSI 23.66 so not really in the oversold area I would say.

Similarly LK has 26.24 RSi and they lost 54.00% last day. Their biggest drop happened in April and it seems not over yet. Yearly −96.49% loss, not sure if they can recover. GLBS has another big drop: −26.95% RSI also 27.17 means there is more down side potential.


Thanks for reading our list and statistics for stocks to buy now. You can also find the spreed sheet for all mentioned stocks:

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